Places to visit in Jalalpore Taluka

Dandi Beach

Every Indian knows the significance of Dandi in shaping a path ahead for its independence from the british. The beach a very beautiful place where you can sit by the shore, make sand castles, take a stroll by the coastline or have some fun in the water (safely). It is named so due to its location near the Dandi village where Mahatma Gandhi had started the legendary non cooperation movement against our british overlords. This place serves not only as an important history lesson in the past of India but it is also the perfect spot to spend a day with your family and have some picnic, indulge in beach volleyball, play frisbee or anything else.

The National Salt Satyagraha Memorial, Dandi

The ‘National Salt Satyagraha Memorial’, Dandi, Gujarat, India is conceived as an experiential journey recreating the spirit and the energy of the 1930 Dandi March led by Mahatma Gandhi, and taking the visitors to the Monument step-by-step in order to visualise and understand the history of the iconic Dandi March and the methodology of Satyagraha, which finally led to India’s Independence from the British colonial rule.

Unai Mata Temple

Situated in the village of Unai and mainly popular for its naturally occurring hot water springs or Kunds, this is a very auspicious temple according to Hindu mythology. It is said that once when lord ram called a large number of Brahmins for performing Yagna here. however, there was not hot water resource and to fulfil this particular requirement of the Brahmins lord ram shot an arrow and drew out the hot water from the holy river Ganga for this purpose which is near this temple. The presiding deity here is worshipped in the form of Ushar Ambaji which is said to have been installed by lord ram’s consort Sita Mata.

Modi Resorts & Amusement Park

Modi Resort is one of the top and best destinations for family and friends in the field of park, Water Parks and resort category in Navsari . Located near Umbhrat, Jalalpore Taluka near sea-shore.This is very good place to visit. People of all the ages will find suitable for them. Good Amusement park options are there for Kids as well as Adults. Good Swimming pool with rain dance entertainment. Food is also good throughout the day. Evening you can log off with Dance followed by dinner.