Places To Visit In Vansda

Janki Van

 Janki Van is located at Bhinar village, Vansda Tehsil, Navsari. The Forest Department of Gujarat State maintains the Janki Van. This park is developed for environmental protection, nurture-breeding of forestry conservation, tourist place and wild herb-grown up, etc. Visitors can know about each tree at an interpretation centre.

Dandakvan Ashram

Dandakvan Ashram, located in Vansda, Navsari is the most ancient forest in this part of the world. “Dandakvan” is a Sanskrit word which means, a forest that punishes the sinners. This Dandakvan Ashram is the Sadguru’s abode. Its importance is immeasurable. Those men and women who pine for God, when they come here, in this Dandakvan, when they behold this ultimate holy place or stay here, they will be entitled to Bhakti (devotion) and Mukti (liberation).”

Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park is a beautiful an amazing place. This National Park is located in Navsari district of Gujarat state. The name of the park was Vansda because the area was privatized by the Maharaja of Vansda. This area was established in 1979 as a National Park.The total area of the park is approximately 23.99 km2.

Vansda abounds in fauna such as wild boar, leopard, monkeys, civets, cobra, antelopes, krait, deer, hyenas, python, Russell’s Viper. Vansda is also home to 121 species of spiders including the large giant wood spider. Vansda is a delight for bird-watchers. Huge variety of birds are seen such as sunbird, paradise flycatcher, woodpecker, hornbills, pea fowls, Malabar trogon, etc.

Vanil Eco Den

Vanil Eco Den is an Eco Tourism center developed by GSFDC Ltd. located in lush green western Ghat Forest area of Vansda taluka in Navsari District. It is easily accessible by waghai-saputara road & tourist can Experience nature amidst dense tropical forest area.

Main Attraction
• Butterfly Zone
• Tribal Zone
• Herbal Zone
• Adventure Zone
• Wildlife Zone
• Eco Trail and more…